Dokkan Battle Helper

Welcome to Dokkan Battle Helper!

Why Dokkan Battle Helper?

The biggest reason we wanted to make this web app was to help players make effect teams when playing Dokkan Battle. Whether you are a beginer looking for a team that can complete an event or a long time veteran looking for an easy place to post teams, we believe this app can be used by everyone. We offer a wide range of uses, from initially loading into a page and seeing what characters pair well with others, to logging in to make teams with characters that you have saved to easily complete Ultimate Clash. The team building page can be accessed at while the team strategies and team postings can be found at We hope you enjoy this app. If there is any information missing or is incorrect, please fill out the information in this form.

Team Building Help
Strategic and Team Posting

Building a Team

Starting at the home page, you can see an asortment of characters. You can choose to filter these characters by the 'Game Filter' (how the game orients characters) or by the character release date. To see the character stats, you must have the 'Show Card Details and Decks' switched to ON. You will see a middle column appear. Each time you click on a character, the middle column will update with that characters information. In the information, you may see some orange asteriks (*) after some character information, you can click on these to see the exact percentages of stats changed. If a character has an Extreme Awakening, you can click the yellow EZA to show the stats after their Extreme Awakening. After a character is selected, you can also see the characters they link well with at the bottom right of the screen.

Now, to start forming teams, you need to click on a character and a 'Add to Team' box will appear. Click this box and you will see the character appears in the right column (essentially double clicking a character adds them to the team). Once the character is added to the team, their background will become darker. Characters with matched links at the bottom right can be clicked and either added to your team, or show the details/characters that link well with the clicked character. As you add mutliple characters, each character can be moved by clicking onto them (holding down the click) and dragging the mouse to the desired location. You will begin to see paths being formed between the characters. Paths will not form if a character shares the same name (just like the game). In the middle of each path is a number which represents each link skill those characters share. These numbers can be clicked to reveal a detailed list of stats that are improved. You can also single click a character on the team to hightlight their paths orange. To remove a character, simply double-click the character in the team web twice. Just a note, the same character cannot be placed in a team web twice. Therefore, when a team shares a leader and sub-leader, there will only be 6 characters in it. Feel free to play with the graph and see what you like. Here is how we liked formulating team:

Team of 6

In this team, the Super Saiyan God Duo would be the leader and sub-leader. The first rotation would be the Super Saiyan God Duo with Super Saiyan Gohan and the second rotation would be Super Saiyan God Duo with Super Saiyan God Goku [PHY]. Then the Super Saiyan 4 Duo, Super Saiyan God Goku [INT], and Super Saiyan Gogeta would be the float characters.

Team of 7

Teams of 7 are a bit more straight up. In this team, Goku (Youth) [INT] is the leader and Goku (Youth) [PHY] is the sub-leader. Goku (Youth) [PHY] will rotate with Chi-Chi (Youth) while Goku (Youth) [INT] will rotate with Goku (Youth) & Bulma (Youth). Hacchan, Jacki Chun, and Yamcha are the floating characters.

Saving Characters

Now if you desire to login to be able to save characters and also saved specific teams, you need to create an accound in the sign up form. Fill out the information. On initial account creation,a user will be logged in. Once logged in, you can see that two options are now available: Save Characters and Decks. To save characters to an account, click on the slider to the 'ON' position. After the feature is ON, simply click on the characters you want to save. The background or the characters to be saved will turn orange. Once the character/characters have been selected, hit the 'SAVE' button to save them to your account. You can now filter every character in the game with character you have saved by selecting the 'Characters Saved' button. Also, when you go to add a character that you have recently collected in Dokkan Battle, you can click on the 'Save Characters' mode to 'ON' again and you should see that previously saved characters will have an orange background.

Saving A Team

The next option you have available is to save teams to your deck. To access you decks, click the 'Show Card Details and Decks' to ON in the drop down menu. Then, click the 'Decks' option in the middle column and select a Deck. You have 3 preset Decks: Deck 1, Deck 2, and Deck 3. These decks can be renamed by selecting a deck, filling out the New Deck Name input, and selecting the blue checkmark at the end of the input. After a deck is selected, you will see a grayed out 'ADD TO TEAM' button and an info box under it stating 'team must have 6 to 7 characters in it to add it to a deck. So in order to enable it, we must place 6 characters (one character is the same leader and sub-leader/friend) or 7 characters (two different leaders on one team). Once you have a team formed, click the 'ADD TEAM TO DECK'. A form should pop up to show how you want the team to be formatted. Select the leader, sub-leader, and rotations. A strategy is not required for personal team building but will be for posting a team to a stage. There are obviously some limitations on what you can and cannot do when making a team, treat the team building like forming a team in Dokkan, however we will place some of the rules below:

Team of 6

  • The leader and sub-leader must be the same character. This is a limitation due to the team web only allowing for one unique character.
  • Rotation 1 and rotation 2 can have the same character in them as long as that character is the leader and sub-leader.
  • Rotation 1 and rotation 2 cannot be the same characters.
  • Team of 7

  • The leader and sub-leader must be different characters (a team of 7 is basically bringing in a friend leader that differs from your leader).
  • The rotations made cannot contain ANY of the same characters as the other rotation.
  • After a form is filled in and submitted, you should now see the team in the deck. You can turn the 'Show Characters In Deck' to 'ON'. This will gray out the characters that are already in your deck and on a team. This makes it so that making teams for Ultimate Clash can be seemless. Each deck allows for up to 16 teams. After that, a team needs to be deleted in order for a new team to be added. You can delete a team by hitting the trash can in the bottom right corner of the team. To edit a teams leader, sub-leader, or rotations, you can hit the pencil in the uper-right hand corner of the team box.